The Problem: 

OEM Spider Couplings are Expensive, Wear-out Fast & Take FOREVER to Receive.

The Story: 

In this product spotlight article a local Air Compressor Refurb Company approached Inline Urethane about some rubber spider couplings causing them grief.  Because they make their money refurbishing and reselling air compressors of all types, the primary goal is to keep part costs down without sacrificing quality.  Using substandard parts increases the risk of losing profits to warranty repairs and a diminished reputation.

One particular replacement part causing challenges for this company was the rubber spider coupling.  Couplings are replaced almost 100% of the time when refurbishing an air compressor.  The type and number of couplings needed for one refurb job depends on the size and model of compressor, which means they use a lot of couplings. One particular coupling they use regularly was extremely expensive and OEM lead times were long, too long.  They tried using some after market options, but while these options proved less expensive, they were poor in quality which resulted in increased warranty repairs and dissatisfied customers. 

They needed a long-term, reliable solution that could be put in-place quickly.  Time is money!

The Solution – Urethane

Inline’s MAXITHANE™ urethane was the perfect solution!  MAXITHANE urethane is more durable than the original rubber coupling, reduces vibration and cost less to manufacture. After a quick examination of the coupling, Inline’s team of experts went to work. The customer was both shocked and delighted at how quickly our team was able to develop the mold, select the proper MAXITHANE formulation and recreate the coupling.The job took 3 days, the urethane coupling was manufactured at ½ the cost and is guaranteed to last longer than the original rubber coupling. Problem solved!

People are often surprised at the types of parts and machinery components that can be manufactured from urethane.  They are even more surprised at how affordable urethane can be, and the money that can be saved over time through improved durability and performance of urethane.  If you’ve got a part or component that wears quickly, is expensive to purchase and has an excessive lead-time.  Inline Urethane can help!  Give us a call, or email us to day about your project.

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