The Problem: 

Stabbing guides price can be excessive depending on the size, type and quantity.  Delivery times can vary greatly. Figuring out how to partner with a local company to manufacture a custom stabbing guide would save time and money.

The Story: 

First, a little background about stabbing guides.  Stabbing guides are primarily used in the oilfield for protection and safety.  During drilling operations, stabbing guides play a key role in helping align tubing, casing and drill pipe to male/female connections safely and efficiently.   During pipeline construction and repair, guides help workers safely manipulate sections of pipe.  Simply stated, the use of stabbing guides is not an option, but a necessity for the protection of people and equipment.

A Houston-area pipeline maintenance company who frequently purchases urethane pigs from us (specifically the Uni series pig), expressed their frustration when sourcing stabbing guides.  They are a small to mid-size business that doesn’t have the space or financial resources to purchase and store a large inventory of stabbing guides. In addition, this company had a very simple, yet impactful design modification idea to improve the guide’s functionality for their needs.

The Solution – Urethane

Our team sat down with the customer to discuss the type of guide they were using, why they were using it, and what about the design was working and what wasn’t working. There were several aspects of the stabbing guide style they were using that weren’t necessary and could be removed.  Our designer went to work by refining the design.  The first prototype test revealed more opportunities to improve the functionality.

The end-result was a simple and effective stabbing guide that the customer could purchase in small quantities, receive in ½ the time, at less than ½ the cost and manufactured with our top-quality MAXITHANE™ urethane.

Problem solved!

People are often surprised at the types of parts and machinery components that can be manufactured from urethane.  They are even more surprised at how affordable urethane can be, and the money that can be saved over time through improved durability and performance of urethane.  If you’ve got a part or component that wears quickly, is expensive to purchase and has an excessive lead-time.  Inline Urethane can help!  Give us a call, or email us to day about your project.

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