The Problem: 

New car detailing business owner reached out to Inline Urethane with a unique challenge.  He needed us to help him fix broken handles on five used hand waxers.  New commercial grade hand waxers can run hundreds of dollars each.  Every dollar counts when you’re opening your very first business!

The Story: 

Among several pieces of equipment purchased to start his own business, our customer was lucky enough to find several used hand waxers at a bargain price. They were all fully functional, but every unit had a busted handle.  After several failed attempts at a homemade solution, he realized it was time to get help and turned to Google.  He was delighted to learn that Inline Urethane was local, and reached-out to our team via chat with his dilemma.

The Solution – Urethane

After inspection of the waxers and a brief discussion with the business owner about timeline and budget, our design experts were able to find a quick and inexpensive solution to the problem.  Using MAXITHANE™ we created replacement handles that were easily installed with no additional parts.  The new handles were sturdy and minimized the constant vibration, making operation much more comfortable.  For a nominal monetary investment and three days production time, all five of the waxers were repaired and improved, saving this new business owner hundreds of dollars.

Problem solved!

People are often surprised at the types of parts and machinery components that can be manufactured from urethane.  They are even more surprised at how affordable urethane can be, and the money that can be saved over time through improved durability and performance of urethane.  If you’ve got a part or component that wears quickly, is expensive to purchase and has an excessive lead-time.  Inline Urethane can help!  Give us a call, or email us to day about your project.

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