Urethane Solutions for The Oil & Gas Industry

Inline’s Urethane Products for The Oil & Gas Industry

Inline’s roots run deep in the oil and gas industry.  In fact, it was during the process of manufacturing pipeline cleaning pigs with urethane where Inline developed the foundation and expertise to offer custom urethane product development and manufacturing services.  Since 1992 Inline Services has been perfecting their MAXITHANE™ urethane to manufacture pipeline pigging equipment of all shapes, sizes and durometers.  Our Uni series pigs are one of Inline’s exclusive designs and an industry favorite due to its solid one-piece construction with strategically placed cups and discs along the body designed to achieve the best possible results when batching, purging and general cleaning of a pipeline. 


Uni Series Pigs

Inline’s MULTI-CAST™ urethane shaft pig is a new pig design that allows for mixing and matching components to meet specific requirements.  The MULTI-CAST™ center post is designed with rigid, hollow urethane reducing the weight of the assembled system by up to 35%. The MULTI-CAST™ flexes and cleans better than a steel-shaft system because its weight will not deform the cups away from the top of the pipe.  Another huge innovation with the MULTI-CAST™ design is its reusable shaft, and the ability for discs, cups, magnets and brushes to be reconfigured in the field with just a hammer, in minutes.

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These two urethane product lines showcase Inline’s talent and expertise for utilizing urethane to meet the needs of the industry, but pipeline pigs are only one effective use for urethane within the oil and gas industry.

Drilling Equipment Components:

Midstream Equipment:

Offshore Equipment:

  • Pipeline pigs
  • Pipe stabilizers
  • Valve seats
  • Pipe bend restrictors
  • Guide wheels

Why is urethane effective for the oil and gas industry?

The opportunities to utilize urethane for the oil and gas industries are almost limitless. Virtually every characteristic urethane offers makes it a well-suited material.  Above all, the ability to completely customize the formulation to meet the applications needs is the most valuable characteristic urethane has to offer.  Inline’s  MAXITHANE™ urethane has the added benefit of superior performance due to it’s high quality formulation.

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Our urethane experts will conduct extensive application testing to isolate the key requirements of your application such as harness, and resistance high temperature tolerance,to design a urethane formulation that provides optimum performance. Give us a call and let us know how we can assist you with creating custom urethane parts for your next drilling, offshore, upstream, downstream or midstream project.

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