Urethane Solutions for Recreational & Outdoor Equipment

Over the past 30 years, urethane has almost completely replaced the use of metal and wood in the manufacturing of recreational and outdoor equipment, and for good reason.  Urethane offers a level of durability and affordability not available with other materials.  In addition, urethane can be molded into almost any shape and color to produce an array of products including:

  • Playground:
    • Safety mulch
    • Jungle gym components
  • Sports Equipment:
    • Weights
    • Roller skate/Inline skate wheels
    • Bowling balls
    • Helmet Inserts
  • Recreational Equipment:
    • Paddles
    • Putters
  • Camping Equipment:
    • Stakes
    • Poles

Why is urethane effective for recreational & outdoor equipment?

The opportunities to utilize urethane for recreational and outdoor equipment are almost limitless. Virtually every characteristic urethane offers makes it a well-suited material.  Above all, the ability to completely customize the formulation to meet the applications needs is the most valuable characteristic urethane has to offer.  Inline’s  MAXITHANE™ urethane has the added benefit of superior performance due to it’s high quality formulation.

Visit our Resources section for more information about the advantages of using urethane over other materials.

Whether you are needing to mass-produce a part you’ve already had manufactured elsewhere, or you need a completely customized design, Inline’s urethane experts can help.  Our team will conduct extensive application testing to isolate the key requirements of your application such as harness, and resistance to impact, abrasion and microbes,to design a urethane formulation that provides optimum performance.

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