Quality Assurance

Each project has its own unique requirements. Our quality plan addresses the product function through interdepartmental communication to identify the essential performance characteristics and process monitor points to achieve part to part consistency. Each product we manufacture undergoes a full preproduction inspection.

Throughout our manufacturing process strict procedural guidelines are followed to obtain optimum physical properties on the products we manufacture. Our production control team monitors all mold temperatures to ensure stable shrinkage factors enabling us to achieve closer tolerances on our urethane products. Each day all of our processing and curing equipment is calibrated and monitored to see that the proper stoichiometry is achieved on every cast.

We maintain quality measuring instruments that are regularly calibrated and checked each day. Every product is visually and dimensionally inspected to the customers’ specifications. Then the durometer, and tolerance of the product is documented and filed for each days production.

As part of our quality plan, we provide material certifications on all of the components we use in our formulations. We include the manufacture date(s), all component lot number(s), and the post cure date and temperature. We archive this information to maintain total documentation throughout our manufacturing process.

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